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Fitness for real people

By this point of the New Year people have started to fall off with their weight loss programs and diet plans.Everyone says they plan on getting in shape, losing weight getting on a budget etc etc. but
Most of the time we don't really act on those goals because we are actually content in our "mess".

Other times we don't move forward with our goals because we don't know where to start.
If your stuck in your goal for better overall physical health and fitness I have a suggestion to get you started.

Number One. Make an assessment.

Are you really out of shape, eating poorly and NEED to lose weight OR are you caught up in the cultural hype that women need to always struggle with wanting to be thinner.

If you assess that you do in fact need to be in better shape.
Then take the step towards creating an exercise plan and a better nutritional plan for yourself.

I recently discovered a incredible down to earth Fitness Youtuber and I had to share.

I love her get real, motivational videos and simple to follow and understand workout plans . If you need some encouragement and a little nudge to keep you going watch this short video and subscribe to her emails. Its kinda like having a personal trainer!
You can find MarC on Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Happy Healthy Journey to you all. and  Your Welcome!


YouTube for School

I love when something otherwise known for foolishness can be redeemed for good. I read an article by an other homeschooling mom and realized that many other homeschoolers use YouTube to supplement their lessons. You definitely have to be careful with YouTube because the ads and suggested videos are not allows appropriate for children. However, you can also go to this part of  Youtube and find a variety of education videos Divided by learning stages. History, science, Physics, art just about anything you can think of is there.On my other blog, I  post several videos and lessons for my children there. Click here If you want to get an idea of  how I use the you tube videos.

The other great Home School or Education resource is of course Pinterest! Do a search for the topic or grade you need crafts or science projects for and you will find so many incredible ideas.
Here is my Home school Pin Board to get you started or would like to follow.
I also have a Classical Conversations Board for the current cycle we are working on.

Any Homeschoolers or teachers have other free online Educational resources you use?
Please share.

Thanks for stopping by remember to never stop learning.


Welcome Moms

Welcome all of you visiting from the Moms know Moms series! If you have been following the series you know how wonderfully talented, beautiful and creative all these women are. They are all rock star business women and bloggers and I am so honored to be interviewed with them.You can read the full interview here.
Thank you for visiting the blog and sharing in my motherhood and crochet journey. Crocheting and sewing for my children is one of my favorite aspects of motherhood. It gave me a useful outlet during a challenging time of motherhood. As you can tell by the picture below they like getting handmade items as much as I like making them.


While I will share my handmade items available for sale or just for fun on this blog, my hope is that No matter the season of motherhood you are in, you will be encouraged or inspired here in someway.

If you're in the cute baby feet stages. Enjoy it. If you're in the loud messy talkative stages enjoy that to. Every Moment. No matter the season hands full or heart full... these moments pass quickly...Celebrate the achievements and don't focus much on the disappointments. 

One day these moments will become the good old days....

You will hear it again and again simply cherish the moment. 
Visit the moms know moms series  to read interviews from some amazing women. To See more of our silly moments stop by on Instagram
You can also leave me your Facebook, pinterst, twitter, or instagram in the comments I would love to see how you ROCK motherhood on the other end the screen. Till next time....



Life Beyond the Blog

Hello Friends,
It's been a long while since I've published anything on this blog. I have missed it greatly. If  you have thought of  me and waited for pictures of my crochet creations please come see me on Instagram! I post pictures there often. I am still working on finding the balance between The online world and offline life. Right now offline life has the most of my time and attention. The Homeschooling aspect has the most of my time. I share some of the work we do on my other blog. Please Visit me there, just click here. If you have really truly missed hearing from me drop me an email I am quick to respond. mukweto (at) gmail (dot) com.

I also want to share with you an online event, a  MOM series to be exact. Shannon of  Little Kids Grow is sharing how other moms do what they do. The interviews and giveaways all start in October. Guess what? Yours truly will be featured there! Please take a minute and see all that Shannon has on her mommy motivating and sewing blog.

Offline I am going to be selling my handmade items at an event locally and I've been crocheting late nights for that. I will post pictures on Instagram of the event and a few of the items  leading up to the show.

Till next time,



Wednesday Word:EXERCISE

We all know that exercise benefits both the mind and body. Yet when in a slump we curl up in bed and watch T.V.,eat or worse get on the phone and begin to vent or gossip. Try Exercise next time you are feeling down, unmotivated, uninspired or discouraged. I'm not saying your problems will go away, but you will have a better attitude when facing the valleys of life. You may get a different perspective and appreciation for the difficult times.

When you exercise you are less likely to feel ExhaustedSet a start date and put an "X" on it. Don't put it off till tomorrow it never seems to come. 
If you are able to Exercise first thing in the morning do that. It can improve your ability to manage stress throughout the dayDon't worry being fit does not mean run run run all day. One of the most important part of being healthy is getting plenty of Rest. 
When it comes to what you will eat or drink I can not create a personal plan for each of you via a blog post but consider cutting back on eating out and Cook at home. 
I could go on and on about all the reasons you want to exercise I am sure you have heard them all. The number one reason I have to say is your Insides will thank you. They will thank you by working at their very best for you. Your heart, your brain, your lungs, your blood flow all of it will work better. Still not motivated?
I will not go into details on this matter but Sex and the enjoyment of it improves when you exercise regularly.
No more Excuses start exercising today! You will thank yourself for it!

Need a few more reasons to get out and do something...

Because you need a reason to wear those new workout clothes, you're tired of being tired, not working out is not going to get you very far, Because it's a great way to spend time outside!

Till next time join me on Facebook for more encouragement for health, and motherhood by faith.